Speedloaders for when you need to shoot a herd of Elephants

    A company is selling speed loaders for the .500 S&W! These monsters are machined out of aluminum billet and hold 5 rounds.

    I can’t help but think that a better solution than a .500 S&W speedloader is simply to keep far away from lion prides, rhino herds and dinosaur parks.

    Veeshir said to me in an email ..

    The prices are decent, the .500 at $25 are kinda high dollar but they make the only ones I’ve ever seen and it is a lot of aluminum, the rest are $15, or only $5 more than Cheaper than Dirt, plastic ones.

    They’ll make whatever you want too, if you click their links you can see they’re CNC machines, they’ll do one offs for people.

    I got two for the .500 and they look good out of the box. Nice machining, no rough edges or burrs or anything, and they worked fine the few times I tried. Nice and smooth. I just got them today, but so far they look really good.

    Veeshir wrote a review here.

    [ Many thanks to Veeshir for the info. ]

    Steve Johnson

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