Building replica guns in Japan

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I recently exchanged a few emails with a Japanese guy who makes blank firing replica guns. Apparently building replicas is a popular hobby over there. Their guns are pretty amazing.

AK-47 replica being tested.
Building a KRISS Vector subgun from CAD to completion.

Someone needs to give these guys a greencard, machine shop and a gun range. I am sure they would be able to cook up some interesting weapons if they lived in a country where it was legal to do so.

[ Many thanks to KEI for the info. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dave Dave on Mar 09, 2010

    Steve, re: replicas being banned in Canada

    This came about because of a fears that someone would get shot holding a toy gun. IFAIK, if there is a blaze orange cap on the end, it is no longer considered a replica, and is not prohibited. Same thing with blue guns, clear plastic etc. It is rather a silly law, as are many of the Canadian Gun laws.

    Re: replicas being converted, I think it is more a case of the frame being used as a pre-made base for a commercial barrel and bolt. As far as i am concerned, someone with the ability to convert a replica can make a sten gun or a liberator et al., so why bother with the replica restrictions. Same for reactivating a well deactivated gun. If you can break all the welds and fab the new parts, then you can make a new gun, even if it is just with an un-rifled barrel.

  • Ben Ben on Mar 15, 2010

    Cymond, I think you're talking about this.



    In my own home town too. Tut-tut.

    Like anywhere else I suppose, guns aren't too hard to get hold of illegally. There's a growing industry in London where guns are rented out instead of sold with prices varying on what you plan do with them.