To the music industry: The XM8 is no longer cool.

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Rihanna’s music video for the song Hard features lot of guns. Plenty of M4′s (being fired in a very careless manner) and XM-8s can be seen. Seems that while Hollywood has figured out that the XM8 is no longer cool, the music industry has not.

At least the dude has good trigger control.

[Hat Tip: Everyday no day off via. Rey]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mike Mike on Feb 06, 2010

    I guess Rihanna's peeps could not find a mock-up of the ACR in time for the video's production. I bet Rihanna's 13 year-old fans will surely notice the distinction of her "hard" troops displaying out of fashion weapon systems after their having logged countless hours playing COD Modern Warfare 2!

  • Red Red on Feb 09, 2010

    I love how almost everyone is comparing the rifle to a video game. And not out raged that this could save some lives.. But after that being said Maybe the biggest marketing campaign in fact is a video game ><