Sig Sauer SIG716 rifle

    The SIG 716 is the new piston operated 7.62x51mm / .308 Win. rifle from Sig Sauer.

    SIG716 Precision Sniper (non-standard desert finish) Photo © Bryan Jones
    SIG517 Patrol . Photo by pizzigr1

    The rifle will be offered in four configurations:

    • Tactical Patrol (12.5″ barrel, almost certainly only on offer to law enforcement and military)
    • Patrol (16″ barrel)
    • Precision Marksman (16″ barrel)
    • Precision Sniper (20″ barrel)

    Every model is equipped with free-floating quad rail and chrome-lined barrels. The Marksmen models feature heavy match barrels. The non-marksmen models come with backup iron sights. The 517 makes use of Armalite’s AR-10 Gen II magazine.

    Close up of receiver. Photo by pizzigr1

    According to pizzigr1 at, Sig are using Armalite AR-10 Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG).

    No word on pricing or availability.

    Steve Johnson

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