6x45mm makes a comeback

    The 6x45mm SAW was an experimental round developed by the US Army in the 1970s.

    Black Hills ammunition will be selling 6x45mm ammunition next month. Why is it being resurrected? It can be used in an AR-15 with no other changes than a new barrel and the round gives better ballistic performance than the 5.56mm NATO.

    It uses standard .243 bullets (85 and 100 grain with 115 grain AP round being developed).

    Sporting Products LLC will be distributing a range of uppers and compete rifles chambered in 6x45mm.

    Pricing for the ammunition is not yet decided, but I was told it will cost around the same as match grade 5.56x45mm.

    UPDATE: Commenters have pointed out that it cannot be the same case as the original 6x45mm SAW. They were not giving out ballistic info so I don’t know if it matches the original ballistic performance of the SAW. They certainty mentioned the SAW when I was talking with them.

    Steve Johnson

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