M4 costs $800 – $1000

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The NY Times has posted interesting article about the M4 Carbine.

For bulk purchasers, a new M-4 costs about $800 per rifle, though the price is often higher when after-market rail systems, used for mounting optics and lights, are included. For rifles used by the American military, the United States Army requires Colt to install a rail system manufactured by Knight’s Armament Company of Vero Beach, Fla.; this pushes the price per piece to about $1,100.

[ Many thanks to Keith for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Daniel E. Watters Daniel E. Watters on Jan 20, 2010

    While Colt's price jumped for 2010, the current contract price is not $1,329. TACOM's latest delivery order modification added six M4A1 at $1,213.59 apiece. The price includes the M4 ARS, BUIS, and seven magazines for each carbine. I don't know what the DLA is factoring in to get the higher price they quote.

    W52H09-07-D-0425-0038 Modification 02 (January 7, 2010)

  • Jamie Jamie on Feb 04, 2010

    the KAC rail is not a rip off if it met the specs set my the military. Please guys dont even bring up other comparable units unless someone knows what the specs were for the bid. It doesnt matter if the other one is 99 % the same, 99% as good, if it misses one little detail that KAC met. KAC gets the contract cause they met all the specs and no one else did in that instance.

    My dad said he knew a guy who dropped his m16 in the river in 'Nam. This was about 1969/70. Anyways the m16 was dropped in the deep part of a river (well over 100ft down, otherwise he would have dove in and got it). Anyways the navy billed him $185 for it.

    Something like 2 weeks pay at the time, maybe more than two weeks.