CZ's new Dan Wesson Valor 1911 with Duty Coating

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

CZ are using a new ceramic coating for the upcoming blackened model of the Dan Wesson Valor 1911 pistol. The coating officially is called the “Duty” coat, but unofficially it is the “Uber” coat.

Torture test done by an employee of CZ


This is a very nice smooth matte black finish. This is not a paint or type of plating. This finish is bonded to the metal down below the surface. Our new finish actually leaves a harder finish on the surface than your standard Stainless slide. Yes all of the Black Valor’s will still be a base gun of stainless steel. The same is true for the CCO and the Guardian slides and small parts. So what I am saying is we are not cutting any corners by giving you a carbon gun with the treatment done to it.

Next up is my little torture test for you.

The camera doesn’t show the best, in fact half of what I did didn’t show up. I know what you’re thinking…He barley did anything. What is he trying to prove? Well let me tell you, what I did would have scraped the Cerakote away to bare metal and scratched the heck out of ion-bond. That file has very sharp corners and is very hard. So now see the scuff marks I put in it? It’s ruined right? Wrong!

A little oil and some 000 steel wool and….

After scratching

Ta-da! No it is not that same picture as the first. Note the flash in the different spot. Believe it or not this is what I did and this is what you are going to get in 2010.

The new Valor will be available in late January. I look forward to independent tests.

[ Many thanks to a reader for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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