What do we expect to see from Ruger at SHOT Show?

    At SHOT ’08 Ruger unveiled the Ruger LCP pistol and in ’09 we saw the new Tactical Mini-14. So what is in store for us this year?

    Michael Bane has already gotten his hands on a new Ruger single action …

    We took the new Ruger to the range today, and it clocked pretty much rave reviews. It safe to say, I suppose, that the gun is a revolver and it is a single action. A nice gun!

    My guess is a Ruger Vaquero chambered in .22 LR. It would be very popular Cowboy Action shooters, with whom the Vaquero is popular.

    Caleb spotted a Ruger press release which says that a Mini-30 with 20-round magazines will be available in 2010. What better time to launch it than at SHOT?

    The popular Ruger Mini Thirty® rifle is now available with 20-round magazines. Chambered for 7.62×39, the Mini Thirty is an ideal autoloader for deer-sized game. Featuring the reliable action of the Ruger Mini-14® series of rifles first introduced in 1974, the Mini Thirty is simple, rugged and reliable, hallmarks of all Ruger firearms.

    Ruger Tactical Mini-14 with 20 round magazine.

    It makes perfect sense now that the Mini-14 has factory 20 rounders available.

    SaysUncle noticed that a chromed version of the Ruger LCP is listed at Lipseys for $405. This is sure to be at SHOT.

    A standard Ruger LCP which was chromed by its owner.
    Steve Johnson

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