Kimber SIS 1911 pistols discontinued

    The controversial Kimber SIS Custom .45 1911 line of pistols will be discontinued in the New Year. From

    Note: the SIS family is discontinued as of January 1, 2010. Kimber will ship outstanding orders but they will not take orders on the SIS line after 1/1. If you want one, don’t wait too long or they will be unavailable!

    Kimber S.I.S Custom featuring the distinctive “SIS” slide serrations.

    The pistol was designed by the LAPD’s elite Special Investigation Section who adopted it as their duty weapon. Kimber donated a portion of each sale to the LAPD Memorial Fund.

    Massad Ayoob wrote about the SIS pistols in Guns Magazine

    … News that a weapon is being marketed with an ‘SIS’ serration–a clear reference to the LAPD–was met with criticism from city and civil rights leaders. ‘It is very disturbing,’ said Councilman Jack Weiss. ‘If any member of the public is shot with one of these guns or, heaven forbid, a cop is shot with one of these arts, what would be the explanation?’

    You see, the guns weren’t just named after SIS, LAPD’s Special Investigation Section, they were designed by SIS members. Staffed by creme de la creme street-proven detectives with extra-intense training in armed police combat …

    Steve Johnson

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