AIA M-10 Coming to EU and US

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Since the last time I wrote about the Australian International Arms M-10 Lee Enfield clone the company has expanded their product line, secured a EU importer (Polish firm LD Diana) and may be exporting to the US in the near future.

The new M10-A1 7.62x39mm Jungle Carbine

I was very surprised to learn that they had listed a US export model on their website. American Enfield fans have long been waiting to get their hands on the rifle. Because parts of the rifle were made in Vietnam importing it stateside would be illegal. If AIA are truly gearing up to export to the United States they must be manufacturing at least the export model elsewhere.

No.4 Mk 4 – Blued US export model

7.62x51mm No.4 Mk 4 – Blued US export model
No.4 Mk 4 (7.62mm NATO)
No.4 & No.4(T) rifle configuration, 10-rd.
Parkerized finish on standard model.
Adjustable frontsight, elevation & windage, dual rear aperture at 200, 400m.
Provision for steel Picatinny rail to fit telescopic sight.

[ Many thanks to Root for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Adam Adam on Dec 28, 2011

    Just bought the AIA M10 in 7.62x39mm and I must say it sthe best fun I have ever had shooting. At £25 per 100 its certainly the cheapest fullbore you could wish for.
    Can anyone help me with this ; how do you take the bolt out and how do you adjust the rear peep sight?

  • IMick IMick on Dec 29, 2011

    Hi Adam,

    You remove the bolt by retracting it a couple of cms and rotating the bolt head through the notch there. Once rotated, pull the trigger and the bolt will slide right out. Note if you have a ladder type aperture sight usually you can't remove the bolt with it in the down position. As for sight adjustments (assuming its the stock L- shaped peep), all the adjustmenfs are made at the front sight and the rifles shipped with an AK style front sight tool to achieve this.

    • Adam Adam on Dec 29, 2011

      @iMick Thanks so much. I think I will have to find an AK sight adjuster or is it possible to do with a screw driver. You've been very helpful. I'm still on a massive high from shooting this rifle Ive taken a year to find in the UK.