Even former-government-armed-militia prefer polymer AR-15 magazines!

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

From MP.net

AGUSAN DEL SUR, PHILIPPINES – DECEMBER 12: Hostages of tribal gunmen are seen on December 12, 2009 in San Martin, Philippines. The suspected bandits, reported to be former government-armed militia led by Danilo ‘Ondo’ Perez, have abducted dozens of villagers, included schoolchildren and teachers, in the Southern Philippines.

I was surprised to see a polymer Thermold magazine being used by these bandits.

Thermold’s nylon AR-15 / M16 magazine.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Tom Tom on Dec 16, 2009


    Of course it's marketing, I never said it wasn't :) It certainly has made everyone else decide that cheap plastic like the Thermolds (which aren't drop resistant at all let alone truck resistant) shouldn't be the standard in poly magazines. Ever since the "truck test" there has been a wave of new, quality plastic mags from TD, Tapco, improved revisions of the Lancer as you mentioned and a few others. I believe the purpose of the infamous truck video was to demonstrate that it was indeed possible for a plastic magazine to be as strong as a metal mag, and they succeeded in that regard.

    I've seen a PMAG take several rounds of 5.56 and still feed 2/3 or more of its total capacity, so they've gotten my respect in the reliability department. Lancers are fantastic as well for the reasons you mentioned, though you can add rubber floorplates to PMAGs easily enough.

    Just to touch on "combat proven"-ness, I know plenty of folks in the service who swear by 'em. Thankfully these days it's tough to get a truly cheap or unreliable magazine, with so many options for both metal and plastic mags. I wish there were as many quality magazine manufacturers for the Mini-14 and other weapons as the AR world enjoys.

  • 54Bravo 54Bravo on Dec 16, 2009

    *sigh* I miss the good 'ole full auto M16A1. The one I had in basic training (in '88) was made by GM's Hydramatic transmission division (which was pretty cool to this hot rodder from Michigan). It looked totally worn out but was really reliable for me and never jammed, even with the beat to heck aluminum 20 round mags they gave us.

    Gotta say the M60 was more fun to fire though (though not to carry....lol)