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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I am late in blogging it but in case you missed it … Last week Jeremy Bell, a Toronto resident, was arrested by SWAT officers when someone in the neighboring apartment saw him handling a gun built out of Lego bricks. I found his twitter page where he tweeted the experience …

Hilarious! 12 cops and a chopper! I could imagine this response in a city where handguns are illegal, but unless I am mistaken handguns are legal in Toronto.

Brickgun’s Glock

He was building the gun from a kit sold by a company called Brickgun. In a recent tweet they said that they are overwhelmed by the orders that have been pouring in since the incident.

Thanks for Chris and Jon for sending me the links.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • David David on Jan 17, 2012

    No where in Canada are guns "illegal" as our laws are federal, not municipal or provincial. This is so stupid, I'm glad no one has ever seen me walk to my garage with a gun in my hand (for cleaning)

  • Robson Robson on Feb 09, 2012

    For "Steve" (wrote on December 22nd, 2009 )

    I know it's more than 2 years since you wrote this... but I just can't leave it like that... U saying that the government in Canada, over taxes them and under benefits them ??? hahaha... sorry bro.. You should really take a few trips around the world to see what life is like in countries where in fact they over taxes people and under benefits people... LIKE BRAZIL where I live...

    DO THE MATH !.....

    • Arthur B. Burnett Arthur B. Burnett on Feb 09, 2012

      @Robson Greetings from Texas,
      I would respectfully disaggree. The fact that other countrys are worse doesn't keep Canadian taxes and firearm laws from being terrible. Solution - MOVE! Vote with your feet.