More confirmation on Gen-4 Glock features

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

SaysUncle has tapped into a well placed source and has independently confirmed many of the rumored next-gen Glock features and also noted that there will be internal differences.

One things Uncle said got me thinking …

It will have a different frame texture, which I have heard from others is somewhere between the standard Glock frame and the Glock Rough Textured Frame.

Could this new texture be the RTF3 texture which I blogged about earlier this year?

(Hat Tip: Blue Gun Blog)

I have also heard from a trustworthy source (I cannot reveal the source) that the Gen-4 G17 and G22 models will be initially offered, with the 19 and 23 compact models following shortly after. I also heard that Glock is planning on introducing a model chambered in .22 Long Rifle, although this is not expected for a while yet.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Sal Sal on Dec 20, 2009

    I heard some time back that Glock had also redesigned the recoil system to include to recoil springs. Can anyone on the blog confirm that?

    • Steve Steve on Dec 20, 2009

      @Sal Sal, yes, that has been confirmed on other blogs.

  • Lee Lee on Jul 03, 2010

    I own a Gen 4 Gl 17. Very sweet sidearm. Love having the adjustability of the backstrap as well. Didn't need it though. The factory grip is superb.