CCW information on the the iPhone

    Legal Heat is an iPhone / iPod Touch electronic version of the CCW guide Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws and Regulations. At $1.99 is it a lot cheaper than the $15 paperback edition.

    I purchased to application to try it out. It is quite straightforward. It gives each state a rating on how friendly they are towards concealed carry, lists where CCW is prohibited in each state and any other pertinent information relating to the state laws on CCW.

    My only major criticism is that the Firearm Laws section only lists CCW law, not all state gun laws. It does not, for example, tell me what types of rifles are prohibited in California. Either the Firearm Law tab should be renamed “CCW Law” or they should add general firearm info. Preferably the latter.

    I do not regret buying it and I have found it an interesting read.

    [ iTunes App Store Link. ]

    Hat Tip: Dustin’s Gun Blog

    Steve Johnson

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