Where is the range of 60 grain .22 LR ammunition and guns?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

EmptorMaven asks why is range of 60 gr. ammunition so limited and where are the guns and barrels with the 1:12 rate of twist required to accuracy shoot these long 60 gr. bullets. From EmptorMaven’s blog

.22LR is by far the most popular consumer cartridge. Every .22LR shooter with a silencer, and many without, would love to be able to buy reliable and accurate 60gr+ bullets, as well as threaded barrels with sufficient twist rates to stabilize them.

So my open question to the firearms industry is: Where are the reputable bullet manufacturers selling cases of plinking, varmint, and match-grade 60gr .22LR ammunition? And where in the vast marketplace of .22LR guns and parts are the 1:12 twist .22LR barrels with threaded muzzles to shoot those bullets?

Aguila 60 grain SSS Sniper Subsonic. Image from MidwayUSA

I think your only options right now are the Aguila 60 grain SSS Sniper Subsonic and, if you want anything resembling accuracy, a Volquartsen barrel for the Ruger 10/22. I imagine a lot of work would needed to be done on the 10/22 action to ensure if would cycle.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Pinktalon Pinktalon on Feb 12, 2013

    Where I live, feral parrots have become a serious pest. I know that the SSS doesn't work well in all arms but it loves my old .22 bolt and I've been getting 115yd center hits regularly. This bullet is incredibly accurate out of that rifle and the sectional density makes it more quickly lethal than any .22rf I've seen at greater ranges. I wish it worked in my old pocket .22 but it simply won't feed. I've done some tests with heavy bone and have been floored by its ability to penetrate.

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    • J. I. J. I. on Nov 08, 2013

      @pinktalon 60 grain is overkill on a parrot. Woman logic.

  • Underoverlay Underoverlay on Apr 11, 2013

    SSS shoots accurately enough out of my Beretta Neos & cycles just fine. I haven't grouped them on paper yet but they knock down steel popper targets really well @25yds.