FBI Purchases 20mm Rifles with suppressors

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Wyn Boniface was quick off the mark in spotting a pre-solicitation request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purchase of two Anzio Ironworks 20mm magazine fed rifles (cannons) with suppressors.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intends to award a non-competitive, sole source purchase order to Anzio Ironworks Corporation, 1905 16th Street N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704 for two (2) Magfed 20mm Rifles and accessories in accordance with FAR 6.302-1, only one responsible source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency requirements.

The FBI intends to procure the following items:

Magfed 20mm Rifle with Belgian Camo Overcoat finish. Includes bipod, brake, handguard, free floated barrel and case (Qty: 1 each)

Magfed 20mm Rifle with Navy NWV Camo Duracoat finish. Includes bipod, brake, handguard, free floated barrel and case (Qty: 1 each)

Non-firing bolt assemblies (Qty: 2 each)

Extra magazines (Qty: 4 each)

Suppressors in 20mm (Qty: 2 each)

The solicitation number is 10-Q-LDQ002768.

4 foot barrel (49″)

Anzio’s rifles are chambered for the 20x102mm Vulcan cartridge. When loaded with a non-explosize 1543 grain projectile the round can achieve 3395 fps, generating 39500 ft/lbs of muzzle energy (compared to 14,000 ft/lbs of the .50 BMG).

At longer ranges the relatively poor ballistic coefficient of these large rounds will cause a significant decrease in energy but when used with high explosive ammunition this is not a problem as the on-target kinetic energy is less important than the chemical energy contained in the warhead.

It would be interesting to find out what these rifles will be used for. With just two rifles being purchased they might be destined to just training and / or evaluating the usefulness of this class of weapon.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Theforgottenman Theforgottenman on Jul 16, 2012

    Your tax dollars at work! The government buying bullshit to justify their over bloated budgets. Has Lon Horiuchi fielded it yet on unarmed women holding infant babies?

  • Repair Repair on Sep 28, 2013

    I loaded them in Vietnam on F-4Es,A7s, and F-105s .
    Tracer, HEI, AP, and TP.
    They are heavy rounds.