The quest for high-capactity firearms [ Part 2 ]

    After writing the The quest for high-capactity firearms post, readers told me about other interesting attempts at high capacity guns.

    Porter Revolving Turret Rifle

    9-shot; .48 caliber. In excellent overall condition. Bore is excellent plus; 28″ barrel. Metal is smooth and well marked. Showing little or no use. Manufactured in 1851. Mechanically excellent. Wood is excellent, with one tiny area of wood loss. Only 1250 Porter Turret Rifles made, in three types, of which approximately 375 were type II. Lacks rear sight, cover screw broken, otherwise complete and excellent. A very advanced weapon for its time, and a competitor to the Colt Revolving Rifle, many were used during the Westward Migration. Seldom available on today’s market, this example is in far above average condition. $11400

    If you are interested, this rifle can be purchased at

    Isaiah Jennings 12 shot repeating flintlock rifle

    According to the press release [PDF warning], when this gun was auctioned off, it achieved a record sales price in Louisiana.

    An 1820 Prototype Isaiah Jennings 12 Shot Repeating Rifle, engraved with the serial number “No. 1,” generated a great deal of interest on the telephone, through eBay and from within the room. Bidding finally stopped (and the applause began) when a local purchased this exceptionally rare rifle for $34,000.00, making it a Louisiana record price for a firearm sold at auction.

    Does anybody know how this type of gun works?

    Ingrham’s Underhammer Harmonica Rifle

    The Underhammer Society Blog has a post about a modern reproduction of this 175 year old rifle design. Be sure to watch the video.

    The Puckle gun

    This gun dates back to the early 1700s! It fired 32mm caliber projectiles at a rate of just under 10 rounds per minute. I think make almost makes it an Auto-Cannon 🙂

    Photo from Wikipedia.

    Many thanks to Mehual, Clodboy and El Duderino for the links.

    Steve Johnson

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