SCAR-H seen in Afghanistan

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This photo, which is purported to be real, shows a Ranger using the 7.62x51mm FN SCAR-H ( MK 17 Mod 0 ).

The photo is said to have been taken by Spc. Walter Reeves.

The semi-automatic civilian model is called the FN SCAR 17S and will be on sale early next year.

SCAR-H on display at Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference ’09. Photo by Dominique

Thanks to jdun1911 and SaysUncle for the link.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Cptbadass Cptbadass on Jun 09, 2011

    Lance, lets be specific, did they drop the program before testing was complete like the term "abandon" implies, or did it pass the tests and is ready for orders, but with budgets shrinking faster than Obama's poll numbers, nobody sees the sense in replacing one 5.56 with another 5.56, so everybody will take the cheaper option?
    The need right now, at least for special people, and I mean that affectionately, is for a 7.62 that can reach out and touch Johnny Chimpo on his mountain peak while he's filming the next installment of the Afghanistanimation version of the headless horseman. If the mission set requires the Mk16, all the command needs to do is order some. So... its in the store, but no one has taken it to the register yet. At least that is what the FN rep has assured me of at the NRA convention.
    Devil Dog... you are cold blooded, I mean, everybody was thinking it, but no one wanted to say it, then you came along. I mean it was like this unspoken rule, he lost credibility the minute he said he was in the coast guard so everyone kind of let him go, but not you my friend, take no prisoners and flatten the town, Marine Corps style!
    In other news, it looks like the Govt is looking for a new new rifle...

  • KAP KAP on Dec 10, 2012

    Yes...the FNH SCAR 17S is the best 7.62mm NATO in my collection, howeveer, you can't buy any additional magazines for it...anywhere, on the net, or in gun-stores. The only people producing them are FNH and they say sometime in June or July 2013, maybe!