Shotgun News test AR-15 magazines

    Shotgun News magazine has published an AR-15 magazine torture test. The author, David M. Fortier, summarized the article on …

    85 8.5 foot drop test. The Tango Down, PMAG and TAPCO all split down the spine.

    Many more tests than these were performed. For the full write-up check out the Shotgun News article.

    My thoughts:

    PMAGs are very good, but not as indestructible as some think.

    Aluminum mags are not as bad as some think.

    You should consider checking out Lancer’s mag…..they surprised me.

    If MSARs mag dropped free they would be an interesting option.

    Dropping mags onto cement is A LOT tougher on them then running them over with a SUV….

    but all those videos from the various mag companies sure did work wonders for advertising didn’t they…..

    Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link.

    UPDATE: The drop test was 8.5 feet, not 85 feet.

    Steve Johnson

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