VBR-B Compact PDW 9x19mm

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I am in full agreement with David Crane, who says that the VBR-B Compact is “ arguably the most intelligently-developed PDW weapon/ammo concept to date“. Why? It is small, can fire 9x19mm armor piercing ammunition, uses glock magazines, includes a foregrip and is not much bigger than a Desert Eagle pistol.

I highly recommend the detailed article David wrote about is at Defense Review.

UPDATE: PersonalDefenseWeapons.com also has info about the gun.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • AK(TM) AK(TM) on Dec 04, 2009

    Why not just use a MP5 variant?

  • Austin Austin on Jun 14, 2011

    Would that be considered an AOW because of the thumbhole grip? I know they didn't count as pistol grips in the Assault Weapons ban, so would it count as an AOW here?