Robinson Armament XCR "Over the Beach" video

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Robinson Armament has produced a video demonstrating the “over the beach” capabilities of their XCR rifle. It performs admirably.

Watch for the splashes as the empty cases hit the water

Head on over to the XCR Forums and download the HD version of the video. It is over 100mb but the quality is worth it.

Many thanks to Pete for sending me the link to the video.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Eightball Eightball on Nov 25, 2009

    Crabula, you're not crazy. The XCR's ejection is very powerful, but it's adjustable with the variable gas system. 8 - 10 feet means the gun is properly gassed, but it can launch brass 30 feet if you dial it up to the maximum

  • Rijoenpial Rijoenpial on May 07, 2010


    I have to say that I like the Robinson XCR, but not for the SCAR program...

    I admit that I would be curious how they would do the folding stock with the adjusted cheek thingy, the weight thing, and meet the other SOCOM requirements: we would probably end up with something else entirely...

    For me, the reason why FN won the SCAR contract is the size of the company, not politics: If the USSOCOM want their rifles to be reliable and have the support for spare parts and fulfill the SCAR ongoing requirement to build a weapon that will be evolving throughout the duration of the SCAR program, you need a company that is well-established and capable to meet their demanding...uh, demands...!

    HK could do it, FN surely can do it... The American companies, such as COLT, ROBINSON, REMINGTON and BUSHMASTER, have proven not being able to face those challenges on their own: BUSHY and REMY had to join ventures to meet the civilian and military markets for the ACR, which in turn was designed by a third company, MAGPUL...See where I am getting at? COLT is too fat for profit, sleeping on the job, and keeping the US soldiers depending on a faulty weapon to preserve their lives on the battlefield... The USArmy has something to do with it as well, but COLT's job is to propose upgrades to the weapon, something HK HAD to do with their HK 416 upgrade... HK wants to sell weapons, sure, but they aimed at improving the M4 with an upgrade rather than a all-new weapon and STILL the Army bought more M4s! You should write a letter to your congressman and demand that your troops be given the best and not the cheapest! Of course, when you have a former Lieutenant General of the USArmy being the Chairman of COLT, you know this is all about money, not even politics! Senators have been demanding tests, changes, and the Army has been stalling! So, it is not politics, just greed! The more M4s out there, the more COLT and the CEO earn from it!

    So, the idea that only American hardware is acceptable is not the sensible thing to do... If people really care about their countrymen overseas, they would want them to have the best weapon available, whether of American or European making...The SOF, SWAT have always used the German MP5s... The Italian Benelli Shotguns and Beretta sidearms, and the Austrian Glock, and so on and so forth, have been used by the American law and military forces... And they perform well, so I think that ship has sailed a longtime ago...

    I think aside from FN's SCAR, Rob's XCR would be the next best thing... The ACR came out too late to compete, so any crying over it is useless now...

    They can aim for an M4 replacement but given the last purchase made by the USArmy and the SCAR contract for the SOCOM, the ACR is only good for either overseas or the civilian market... BUt with those prices in a worldwide recession setting, I would not be holding my breath...

    ACR just came out too little too late... When the time comes to finally replace the M4, another weapon will show up, more futuristic (hell, the XM8 could come back in some form...) and the ARX-160 has silently showed that the next generation is already here! Modular, fully ambidextrious and easy to operate, use and disassemble, and powerful too!

    Robinson is just a viable alternative to the people who are sick of the AR-15 5.56 design and MO...

    I don't like the looks much, but aside from being ammo brands-picky, it performs well, as long as you don't cover it in mud...or sand...! LOL

    OK, I am going too long here... Peace!

    • Cletus Cletus on Dec 08, 2012

      XCR coverd in mud and sand.