.38 Super for self defense

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The short answer is “absolutely”, and the longer answer is “yes, think of it as a hot 9mm.”

Caleb, whom I sometimes think has more carry guns than I have guns, writes about the suitability of the .38 Super for self defense.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom Matt Groom on Nov 27, 2009

    Thank you, Mr. Watters.

    I actually looked that up, because I couldn't remember clearly who in fact made that discovery, nor which magazine I read it in several years ago. Couldn't find it on the internet, and my friend Stuart didn't know.

    I've always had a great affinity for .38 ACP/.38 Super/.38 TJ, I just don't own one!

  • Mark Vreeland Mark Vreeland on Jan 23, 2010

    The new Taurus 9mm 709 slim is the way to go for personal carry. Ammo is cheap and practical to shoot on range and conceal on person. Stainless $380....or $350 blue..It's awesome, slim, 19oz and comes with two mags...lifetime warranty