Remington entering the handgun market! [Big News!]

    Jim Shepherd writes that Remington is entering the handgun market! From The Shooting Wire (scroll down half way) …

    The Outdoor and Shooting Wires have received- and verified the accuracy of an internal Remington memorandum that effectively answers most of a question that has been making the rounds of the industry: Is Remington getting into the handgun market?

    Short answer, yes.

    A 1911 is in first-production testing, and may be ready for introduction at SHOT Show in January.

    This is incredibly interesting news! I have wondered for a long time why Remington did not seem to want a piece of the handgun market. Not wanting to be associated with “evil” handguns was my guess.

    I do find the suggestion that they are going with the 1911 platform odd. While the 1911 is a very popular pistol with civilians, police departments are not adopting it. Instead they are dropping the Glock in favor of other polymer pistols like the Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols.

    We know Remington loves military and police contracts and that they are willing to delay consumer products in order to make a grab for lucrative military contracts. The constant delays of the Bushmaster ACR are a testament to this.

    So is Remington making a 1911 because they know something we do not? Will we soon be hearing about a new military competition for a .45 ACP pistol1 ? Or are they developing a polymer 1911 or some other polymer pistol 2 ?

    UPDATE: The pistol has been launched: Remington R1 1911.

    Steve Johnson

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