Another one-handed pistol reload technique

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I recently blogged about a fancy one-handed reload technique. This video demonstrates another technique, although I would be very surprised it is achievable with an unmodified handgun. The reload starts 7 seconds into the video.

Has anyone been able to do this on pistol without any modifications to the recoil assembly? On a Glock, for example, I cannot see any way to do it unless the pistol is flip completely into the air, caught just far enough down the slide that the thumb can just reach around the grip and only then, assuming big enough hands and very strong muscles, could the slide be pulled far enough back. Maybe I just have small hands … ?

Hat Tip: Mike @ Everyday, No Day Off.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jon Mac Jon Mac on Mar 17, 2010

    If I can do it far enough to press-check a .40 Browning HP with my puny hand strength, anyone can actually chamber a round on a 9mm of appropriate design. Overcoming the recoil spring strength isn't the issue, it's getting your fingers far enough forward to draw the slide far enough back to pick up a round. Not easy, but as this guy demonstrates, completely do-able. Practical? No. But it looked cool in the Matrix Reloaded ;)

  • Romy Romy on Nov 07, 2010

    this is actually not new, a Filipino action movie superstar, Fernando Poe Jr., has been doing it in his movies. And he can also cock his 1911 with the side of his sole or his back pocket.