Browning BAR bullpup conversion

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Waffen Greger, a German company, makes bullpup conversions of the Browning BAR (the hunting rifle, not the military BAR).

Once converted the overall length of the rifle is just 31.5″, about 12″ shorter than a standard BAR. Aside from the length, a significant benefit would be the better balance offered by the bullpup configuration, with the action sitting right up against the shooters shoulder.

The standard magazines that are supplied with the rifle hold just two rounds, although they can supply three or four round mags. In Germany, hunting with semi-automatic rifles holding more than two rounds is prohibited.

Many thanks to Mehul for sending me the link to this company.

  1. Assuming a standard .30-06 BAR with 22″ barrel. I am not sure if Waffen Greger cut down the barrel during thier conversion process. 

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Vernon Wagner Vernon Wagner on Mar 09, 2010

    Lots to like. No pricing or order information. Barrel Specs and other info not listed. Other caliburs in the future? Trigger options and stock options?
    More questions and little answers. Catalog or brochure in the offering?

  • Sentenza Sentenza on May 06, 2011

    It may be a great solution for driven hunts with red dot sights or 1-4x scopes. The magazine "system" appears to be slighty complex, rendering difficult a fast change. I think that the project opens the way to many enhancements such as free floating fluted barrels, BOSS muzzlebrakes, fiberglass or laminated stocks, full detachable magazine (and a different stock design). With proper handloaded cartidges BAR can express an accuracy you couldn't expect... I have been loking for something like that for years. I will buy one if under 2500Euros.