New A-TACS camo

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Digital Concealment Systems have developed a new camo design that will be used on Remington, Bushmaster and DPMS guns. While the company is planning on unveiling it at SHOT ’10, it has been in development for a while now and a few promotional photos can be found online.

Remington ACR with A-TACS camo.

Its universal pattern is a kind of improved digital pattern that uses blended blobs instead of the square pixels that are used in digital camo.

More info at Solider Systems and Strike – Hold.

  1. Universal means that it works equally well in all operational environments, for example, in forest, urban and desert environments. In practice universal often means it works equally badly in all environments. 

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Destroyer Destroyer on Mar 01, 2010

    hey robert, no i don't work for bulldog. This a opinion coming from a former 11V that obviously would know a think or two about tactical application of camouflage in a battlefield environment (versus other branches of the service that wear their uniforms to look pretty in the office). If you are so blind that you cannot tell the applicability of mirage in current operations in the middle east, then that is not my problem. My hopes are that US forces get equipped with the best and most feasible camouflage for the job at hand. Don't accuse me of being a sales rep for bulldog because i think that mirage obviously works better that that dismantled your little gucci-flage obsession.

  • Gunslinger Gunslinger on Mar 15, 2010

    The Army should have just adopted Multi-Cam in the first place and not wasted all that money on a pattern that only works in a spruce forest! But the Marines had digital....