Kari from Mythbusters with .50 BMG

    Grant Imahara posted this photo on twitter of Mythbusters co-host Kari Byron.

    Looking hot (in both meanings of the word)

    I really hope this means the mythbusters are going to prove that .50 BMG rifles cannot shoot down a Boeing 747 cruising at 35,000 feet at a speed of 555 mph 🙂

    Can anyone identify the bullpup, possibly single action and probably .50 BMG rifle? The first thing that popped into my mind was “Steyr” but the only similar looking gun that Steyr ever made was the Steyr AMR / IWS 2000 prototype. Maybe it is a custom stock?

    UPDATE: Daniel points out that Kari’s rifle seems to be a Maadi-Griffin single shot – I agree.

    Hat Tip: Crunchgear

    Thanks to mrsatyre for the link.

    UPDATE: More pics from the show. Thanks to James for the links.

    From Left: Sako TRG-48 in .338 Laupa Magnum, Maadi-Griffin .50 BMG, Barrett 99
    Myth: Are phone books good for vehicle armor??!?! Seriously?

    UPDATE: As HeartlessLibertarian pointed out that the rifle in the second picture is a Barrett 99, chambered in .416 Barrett.

    Steve Johnson

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