Lessons learnt the hard way

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Firearms and Training has posted an essay written by a Marine who was badly wounded in combat, and only realized his mistake after taking tactical training courses.

The reason for this belief of mine is fairly simple: When I was engaged in combat the day I was wounded, I made several critical mistakes resulting either from training scars or from simply not being trained how to do something in a certain manner (if at all). I know that training, tactics and procedures (TTPs) and SOPs have changed greatly over the past 6 years since I was wounded, but I guarantee that they are still lacking enough to where I would strongly advise anyone who is planning on going into harms way, either on foreign soil or here domestically in our own nation’s cities, to reach out to the private sector for some enhanced weapons training. I believe that it could save lives, and could prevent a lot of men and women from being needlessly wounded (not all by any means, but quite a few such as myself).

He does make it clear that he does blame the Marine training for his mistakes.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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