H&K suing ATI over their MP5 patterned .22 rifle

    SaysUncle reports:

    Heckler and Koch is suing German Sports Guns and American Tactical Imports over trade dress infringements. Seems they don’t like GSG making a 22LR version of their MP5.

    These cases, like when Colt sued H&K over the 416, are counter productive to the industry in general. It seems bizarre that a firm, which is a subsidiary of a German company, is suing the importers of a German made gun. They must not be able to sue for it in Germany court.

    I know nothing about “trade dress infringement”, but I do know that those fanciful concepts of “common sense” and “justice” have long been forgotten in intellectual property court, thanks to the efforts of Disney Corp’s hard working lawyers and lobbyists.

    I recently reported that H&K has licensed the production of .22 rifles patterned after the MP5, MP7 and other H&K firearms to Umarex. No doubt this is the reason they have taken legal action against ATI.

    UPDATE: H&K and ATI settled. GSG-5 sales will cease.


    How long till the Wii MP5 controller gets banned! (Thanks David for the link)

    Steve Johnson

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