H&K suing ATI over their MP5 patterned .22 rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

SaysUncle reports:

Heckler and Koch is suing German Sports Guns and American Tactical Imports over trade dress infringements. Seems they don’t like GSG making a 22LR version of their MP5.

These cases, like when Colt sued H&K over the 416, are counter productive to the industry in general. It seems bizarre that a firm, which is a subsidiary of a German company, is suing the importers of a German made gun. They must not be able to sue for it in Germany court.

I know nothing about “trade dress infringement”, but I do know that those fanciful concepts of “common sense” and “justice” have long been forgotten in intellectual property court, thanks to the efforts of Disney Corp’s hard working lawyers and lobbyists.

I recently reported that H&K has licensed the production of .22 rifles patterned after the MP5, MP7 and other H&K firearms to Umarex. No doubt this is the reason they have taken legal action against ATI.

UPDATE: H&K and ATI settled. GSG-5 sales will cease.


How long till the Wii MP5 controller gets banned! (Thanks David for the link)

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • GunnerJ GunnerJ on Dec 02, 2009

    I agree, HK has no right to be suing over this. I because interested in the GSG5 when it came out, but after seeing the $500 tag, I didnt want one because I already have a tricked out 10/22. After a few friends of mine boght them and reported their experiences with it I decided that it may be worth the $500.

    I bought one based on its reputation for accuracy and reliability, not on the fact that it looks like the MP-5. Almost 1200 rounds and ony 2 jams, and it is much more accurate than my bull barreled 10/22. This is far superior performance to the 10/22.

    And to think, this is out of an airsoft company that makes childrens toys! Kind of a familiar story here, that famous Austrian guy who made plastic silverware and one day decided to make a pistol that quickly because one of the most famous in history.....

  • Truth Truth on Apr 25, 2010

    The truth is Continental Enterprises is helping H&K to screwed with people. Use google and type Continental Enterprises. You will see Tabberone's Hall of Shame - Cyber Cops Continental Enterprises is list on the top. Read the article about how Continental Enterprises plays the law in ID and use tradedress to sue many companies. In HK case, they sue more than 20 companies, including real gun, toy gun, distributors and more...