The 9x19mm NP (Netherlands Police)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This year the Dutch Police have been trailing new pistols which will replace their current service pistol, the Walther P5.

A new cartridge, called the 9x19mm NP (Netherlands Police), has been developed for their future service weapon. The 9mm NP features a 94 grain (6.1 gram) solid copper hollow point bullet with a plastic cap inserted into the hollow.

Ballistically it is the same as 9mm Luger / Parabellum. It is given a separate designation because some firearms, such as the MP5, will need to be modified to function correctly with the lighter bullet.

Many thanks to my source for this information.

UPDATE: The photos have been removed as they did not belong to “Marco” as previously reported, but to members of Nederlandse Vereniging ter Bestudering van Munitie en Ballistiek. They retain full and exclusive rights to the photos.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Eric Bell Eric Bell on Dec 10, 2010

    Many different police departments as well as special military units in Europe use the most updated Action bullets, the Action 4 and the Action 5. The Action 4 is distinguished by a yellow tip and the Action 5 is distinguished by a black tip. Both bullets are made of a special ductile brass. The tips now compress back into the bullets instead of blowing out. Both are 95 gr. and go out about 430 mps. The Action 4 is designed to deliver about 70% of its energy to the target and the Action 5 is designed for maximum stopping power delivering 100% of its energy and expanding to 15mm.

  • Aw Aw on Feb 13, 2011

    The Action NP is a JHP bullet and because of the risk that the bullet may get stuck or hit anything in the barrel of a police weapon, the orange cap is on it. It may hit something, because the current weapon is the Walther P5, a gun that isn't being made for over 10 years, but finally they bought a new gun; Sig Sauer PPNL, a customized P250DCc. According to the current information, all the P5's will be replaced by the end of 2013.