Advanced Rifle Integral External Suppressor (ARIES) system

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Shooters Depot have developed an interesting suppressor design called the ARIES system. The actual suppressor is held two inches ahead of the muzzle by a free floating over-barrel heat sink.

The bottom photo shows the heat sink (the long tube), the suppressor (the short tube) and the barrels.

The Carbon Fiber heat shield tube attaches to the threads in the back of the barrel (by the receiver) and the front of the tube has 4 metal protrusions to keep the tube aligned. These protrusions are touching the barrel also working as an effective stabilizer for the barrel’s harmonics and the extended tube is also working as a flash hider when the suppressor is not attached. The major benefit of the system is that the suppressor is attached to the threads inside the tube and stays 2 inches away from the barrel, not adding ANY weight to the muzzle (the weight is transferred to the thread near the receiver) so there is NO POINT OF IMPACT CHANGE.

It seems to work well, although he is firing subsonic loads.
16″ and 14.5″ AR-15

This design does not come cheap with prices starting at $2500!

Big thank you to Jesse for the link.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Spencer Spencer on Jan 14, 2010

    This guy knows his stuff, I have met him and tested and fielded his gear it works every bit as good as he says the .308 sounds like a pellet gun. We have used his gear exclusively since 04 we have had zero breakages that stuff is alot tougher than you think and we are hard on stuff. The Man is a genus and has tone of real world experancence

  • DDavis DDavis on Mar 01, 2012

    I had a bad experience with Shooter's Depot, and most everyone I've talked to who has been there has nothing good to say about them at all. I waited over a year for one of their silencers, and after having to take it into the shop on 5 separate occasions, with very few rounds through it, it finally blew up. I would avoid anything to do with Shooter's Depot. Their sales tactics are a gimmick and their products are worse than a gimmick, they will get you hurt.

    I promise following video is not spam, it is my video of what is left of my silencer after the carbon fiber gave out: