The Pistol that fired all on its own?

    When someone says a pistol fired on its own, it almost always means they pulled the trigger by accident. That is what I assumed when I read the title of this article in the St. Petersburg Times, but the massacre that followed suggests otherwise (emphasis mine) …

    Moments before, Sherri Thourot had watched her husband fire and reload the Jennings 9mm. Then he set it down for her to shoot next at the range.

    That’s when the handgun started firing on its own, she said, spinning around in circles, landing the Thourots and an Irish tourist in the hospital.

    I once belonged to a club with a private range. Club members had shot themselves in the foot at least a few times in the club’s recent history. This happened when race guns with hair triggers were drawn from a holster. The pistol would fire a burst into the shooters foot and an ambulance would need to be called.

    The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said the gun may have been altered, leading to the malfunction. Detectives expect to know more when they take the gun apart and inspect it as they continue to investigate.

    Sherri Thourot said her son, 29-year-old Jeremy, brought the 9mm back to the United States after one of his tours in Iraq with the Navy. He gave it to them this summer.

    So it may have been a souvenir from Iraq. They do not list the exact model of the Jennings pistol and I don’t know much about those guns, other than they were budget pistols.

    Jennings Model 58

    Flynn was listed in stable condition at the hospital, while Michael Thourot was released Sunday. His wife said doctors put pins in his hand to help heal shattered bone.

    But the freak accident won’t keep her away from guns.

    “I can’t allow something like this to cause me to be afraid of something I’ve done all my life.”

    I am very glad they are all ok.

    Many thanks to Mason for the link.

    Steve Johnson

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