Michael’s Custom Saiga-12

    Some time ago I posted a video of Michael shooting one of his Saiga-12 shotguns. He got in touch with me and explained that since then he has become a passionate Saiga-12 nut and now sells custom Saiga-12′s.

    Michael, who work as a designer / jeweler / metal smith, bought his first Saiga-12 when ammunition was becoming scare and he wanted a shotgun so that he could use the relatively cheap and available 12 gauge ammunition. One thing led to another and customizing these guns became a passion of his.

    Modifications include …

    • Enhanced action with honed, mirror finished bolt, bolt carrier, carrier rails, and feed ramp.

    • Four or five vent, polished and ported enhanced gas system with mirror finished, builder modified gas plug.

    Those Jeweling skills come in handy. Beautiful!
    • Custom modified, sculpted and vented fore end with integrated Command Arms 2″ picatinny rail.

    • Modified Tapco G2 trigger control group with honed and sculpted mirror finished contact surfaces on hammer.

    • Tapco Galil style folding stock tapped and mounted with extra heavy duty torque bolts.

    • Tapco M249 style Saw grip with builder designed custom heavy duty receiver mount.

    • Flawless cycling with all types of 2 3/4″ and 3″ 12 gauge ammo.

    • Durable, high heat ceramic enamel finish.

    Concept for a SBS (Short Barreled Shotgun)

    He does not have a website but he can be emailed at mm_rogers [] yahoo [] com (replace [] with correct character) or contacted on the phone (505-263-8822).

    Bump-firing in the desert
    Steve Johnson

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