New Stag Arms Model 8 (Piston)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Stag Arms’s newest AR-15 is the piston operated Model 8 carbine.

Model 8 Piston Carbine

Stag have not released much information about the rifle. It looks much the same as their M4-style Model 3 carbine. I am not sure if the piston system is their own design (if you can identify, please do in the comments). It looks like it could be a long-stroke design, but I am not sure. UPDATE: See below.

Piston system can be seen when upper handguard is removed.
Caliber5.56mm NATO
UpperForged and Mil Spec
Operating SystemShort Stroke Piston
SightsMidwest Industries Front & Rear Flip Sight
Barrel16″ Chrome Lined 1/9 Twist
MagazineStandard AR-15
Stock6 Position Collapsible
MSRP (Price)$1,145 (standard model) and $1,175 (Model 8L left handed)
AvailabilityDecember this year.

Lefties will be pleased to see that a left-handed model will be available.

UPDATE: David from Stag told me that it is a short-stroke piston that Stag Arms designed.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • WackoWoodchuck WackoWoodchuck on Jan 14, 2012

    I stop in at my usual gun store and there was Stag AR Model 8. Have been looking for a AR as I have had a Mini-14 for some 30 years. Which never jammed once in 5,000 - 10,000 rounds. As soon as I saw this AR I looked down the sights and it just gave me that felling u know!! it had to be mine and I look around and there was no other guns in the store. Gun show in down, anyway Stag and piston driven was knew to me but I walked out within 30 min. Love it and out of all the other AR's you can't beat it. ( Added a EOTech holographic XPS2-2 sight butted up with 3x EO scope, you will have one nice AR)

  • Viper6 Viper6 on Jan 14, 2012

    @ Trevor. Somehow I never saw your reply. The same day I posted I found that ther indeed was an on/off for detent on the gas block screw. Why in the world is this even an option? I understand having a variable one to increase or decrease the amount of gas if you want it suppressed. I do not see any logical reason for turning it off. After learning about the minute turn of the gas block screw from one detent to the other this rifle has been amazing and fired flawlessly again. So once again it was "operator" error.