Troy Industries Di-Optic Aperture sight

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Troy Industries have developed a nifty new diamond aperture rear sight for the AR-15.

Troy claim the diamond shaped aperture helps the shooter acquire a sight picture faster than a round aperture.

The DIO has two aperture settings, one for 300 meters and another calibrated for 550 meters. The price starts is $140 and it comes in a variety of colors.

Thanks to Konrad for the info.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun SpudGun on Sep 30, 2009

    Hmmm, 'Troy claim...'

    I wonder if this Troy dude could back up his claim with...I don't know...some type of factoid over the shape of the aperture. I'm not saying it's incorrect but I'd like a bit of third party objectiveness.

    It certainly looks 'Neato-torpedo' and I'm sure the AR nerds will be clamouring to get one on their M-Forgeries, but $140 for a rear sight is a lot of dough. Which may or may not be better then what they've already got.

    I think I'll save up for the rhomboid shaped ACOG or the dodecahedron EOTech.

  • AFSarge AFSarge on Oct 08, 2009

    Troy licensed built diamond sights from Diamondhead sights about a year ago, then they had a falling out. Now they come out with "their" design. it has some features I like, but I bought a Diamondhead sight for $119.00, does the same thing 20 bucks cheaper. I was impressed with it as soon as I got to the range. I've been shooting M-16, M4, and AR since 1982. Good practical concept. Either sight is worth a try.