Explosion in Prvi Partizan ammunition factory earlier this month

    Earlier this month an explosion in the Prvi Partizan ammunition factory took six lives. Yahoo reports:

    Prvi Partizan is Serbia’s largest ammunition factory. It produces military and hunting ammunition as well as gun powder and explosives.

    Maric said firefighters had “doused the fires and there is no danger of more explosions.” He did not elaborate about the causes of the blast pending the end of the initial investigation.

    Interior Minister Ivica Dacic was on his way to the site, said a ministry spokeswoman.

    Serbian defense industries have stepped up production in past two years, mainly exporting to Iraq, Libya, the United States and Myanmar. The total value of export deals in 2008 exceeded $600 million.

    Prvi is notable for being the manufacturer of many obsolete cartridges. This year they started manufacturing the 8mm Lebel, which has not been manufactured by any other factory in the past few decades.

    8mm Lebel

    Thanks to mrwon and Himmel for the info and link.

    UPDATE. Sadly the final casualty count was 7 dead and 14 injured.

    Thanks Matt for the link.

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