Digging up and firing an old rusty AK-47

    You often hear stories about ancient AK-47 rifles being dug up and fired. In this video the Special Task Force, an elite paramilitary South African police unit, assist Mozambique authorities in locating and destroying an 18 year old weapons cache left over from the Mozambican Civil War.

    One of the policemen takes a rusty AK-47, pours motor oil all over it, then proceeds to empty a magazine.

    Skip to 1:50 to see the AK being fired.

    UPDATE: It is an AK-47, with bakelite magazines, not a AK-74 as I originally reported. Thanks to those who corrected me. It also makes more sense, as the 74 was not introduced only a few years earlier than the start of the civil war.

    Hat Tip: SaysUncle

    Steve Johnson

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