Long range shooting with a snubby

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Steve Doran proves that any gun can be accurate if you take the time to practice with it. He takes his Smith & Wesson Model 60 snub nosed revolver (1 5/8 inch barrel) and, firing 158 grain .38 Special factory ammunition and manages great accuracy at 100 yards!

Steve has a write up about the shoot over at his website.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Briguy Briguy on Jan 03, 2012

    I didnt even know that .38's were accurate that far out! I wonder what kind of ammo this guy was using.

    • Dave Watters Dave Watters on Jun 18, 2012

      @Briguy I used Hodgdens H110, Sierra 180 match and Remington 5.1/2 primers
      12.8 gns for 100, 15.3gns for 100&200
      The bullet was seated in the cannelure and taper crimped for 100
      It was seated just behind the cannelure and taper crimped for 200&300
      All powder was trickled into the case
      Try it out it's not an over pressure round and the fired expansion on the bottom of the case was 0.003" Winchester Western cases

  • Dave Watters Dave Watters on Jun 18, 2012

    I shot metal silhouette over in France and were those guys good, I tried it with a Dan Wesson maximum and a 7mm BR Remington, both had the knock down potential but I must admit I was pretty crap against those Frenchies, and I was a ILRPSA champion at that time
    That's life eh?