DSEi 09: FN Minimi Para rockin’ a red dot

    Korean firm Dong In Optical specializes in red dot sights for machine guns, miniguns, grenade launchers and auto-cannons.

    The Model DCL100 Red Dot Sight (below) is designed specifically for the FN Minimi / M249 and FN MAG / M240 light machine guns. It is seen here mounted on the Minimi Para, FN’s short 13.7″ barreled, collapsible stocked, machine gun.

    DCL100 mounted on the FN Minimi Para.

    The larger Model DCL110 designed for .50 heavy machine guns and 20mm cannons

    I have an overwhelming desire to mount one of these on a Ruger 10/22 🙂

    A big thanks to Groot Mamba for the photos.

    Steve Johnson

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