DSEi 09: PMP Neopup 20mm Personal Area Weapon

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

If the suave gentlemen in the above photo had a beautiful woman beside him, I think the scene could hardly be distinguished from a Bond movie. Style, sophistication and an incredible amount of high explosive firepower!

The side mounted pistol grip makes this a very compact weapon for its class.

Quite frankly, this is an awesome piece of hardware. I can’t say much else than that. I hope to be writing more about this weapon in the near future.

A big thanks to Groot Mamba for the photos.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Seryoga Seryoga on Dec 22, 2009

    Sven, regarding your scenarios:
    All your questions can equally apply to small bullets which don't go thru walls and stones. Suppressive machine gun fire is just the waste of your ammo to scare enemy ;-)
    Explosive hits next to the covering stone, to stems and ground behind.. all that is not perfect but it does work. 40 mm don't seem much more effective. They are loosely placed and are actually less dangerous than machine gun fire in open terrain.

    Watch the video. It's the answer to all your questions: pretty precise shots penetrating light cover. But (again) killing pro soldiers is a very hard job..

  • Olivia Jennifer Olivia Jennifer on Jun 17, 2014

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