Pistol Carbines for Home Defense

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

James explores the idea of using a carbine chambered in a pistol cartridge for home defense (emphasis mine):

The fact that carbines are larger than handguns, and that they are fired while braced against the shoulder, means that the perceived recoil is almost unnoticeable even if you are using Magnum ammunition. A few of my students who were suffering from disabilities painful enough to keep them from using handguns, rifles, or shotguns for their defense had great success when they used carbines. Accurate, light, relatively inexpensive, easy to use. They were literally the answer to a few prayers.

I had not considered before the benefits they would offer to a person with certain disabilities.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Richard Brengman Richard Brengman on Oct 16, 2012

    For those in the U.S. A. who wish to protect their hearing, or be able to communicate with family of team members while shooting, we now offer integral suppressor barrels for the Thureon carbines.

    Excellent for pest control, without disturbing livestock or waking the house.

    Very quiet, once we begin installing our optional bolt lock system they will even better!



  • John John on Feb 15, 2013

    I Canada you can only legally have rifle mags with 5 rounds in it. Pistol mags we can have 10. Also all the AR type rifles are restricted. Couple that with cheaper ammo, a gun the wife could use and that is is quite to shoot in the house makes it a good option for home defence here. Imagine middle of the night firing off multiple shotgun shells in your house with no hearing protection. Also would make a good bug out gun if you needed a survival gun to eat small game etc in a zombie apocalypse.

    • John John on Feb 15, 2013

      @John Also suppressors are prohibited here in Canada.