Arsenal SGL41 (Saiga) .410 Shotgun

    Arsenal Inc are now selling a heavily modified AK-74-styled version of the Saiga .410 gauge shotgun.

    Arsenal SGL41

    Saiga 410Huntingconf
    Standard Saiga .410

    Many of the components have been removed and replaced with AK-74 parts. These include:

    * hand guards
    * gas block and gas tube
    * front and rear sights
    * buttstock
    * pistol grip
    * muzzle brake
    * Bayonet lug

    Some of these modification require changes to the receiver itself. IZHMASH, who manufacture the Saiga and the official AK rifles, went out of their way to ensure that a pistol grip could not be easily fitted (so it could be exported as a sporting arm). Arsenal have also added their own two stage trigger group.

    The retail price is $889. This is a premium over the standard Saiga, but you are getting a lot more.

    Pictured with folding stock and picatinny rail.

    Steve Johnson

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