Worst. Sling. Design. Ever!

    Indian personnel with INSAS Carbines (Indian MoD)

    Indian soldiers are complaining about the INSAS rifles they are issued. One of the chief complaints is the poor sling design. It breaks easily and its placement on the rifle obscures the front sight! Times of India reports:

    Also, its sling often snaps while firing, making it fall during manoeuvres. The sling also obstructs the rifleā€™s sight. But most of all, the size of the sling never took into account the bullet proof jacket worn by jawans. As a result, it falls short and is uncomfortable to hold. This hampers quick reaction. Insas also does not have a rapid fire feature; it shoots only three rounds in a single burst

    Insas Carbine
    INSAS (left)

    Other complaints include loss of zero after cleaning and the barrel overheating when firing.

    The INSAS is, I believe, is the standard issue rifle of the Indian Army, although it is one of many rifles used by the Indians. It is loosely based on the AK-47 design and also comes in a 5.45x30mm variant.

    Hat Tip: MP.net

    Steve Johnson

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