SG-43 Semi-Automatic Goryunov 7.62x54R for sale

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

AimSurplus are selling a semi-automatic version of the belt-fed SG43 Goryunov machine gun. Their guns are build from original polish kits on new semi-auto US made receivers.

This gun is perfect for those of you who do not think the AR-15 offers enough protection from incoming fire. A shield comes standard and while it may not be tacticool, there is nothing cool about being hit!

The Goryunov was developed by the Russians during WWII and later copied by the Chinese. It served until the 1960’s.

Super Neat Semi-Automatic version of the Soviet Guryunov SG43 Belt Fed 7.62x54R Machine Gun. Built from original kits out of Poland on new US receivers. The original Goryunov was develpoed in WWII as a replacement for the Maxim, and saw service throughout the Communist world. Comes as shown with ammo can, 250 links, and carriage. Barrel 28.3″, overall 44.1″ total weight 96lbs. Packed in a wood crate, Rifle, carriage with spoked wheels and a 250rd belt and can.

They are selling for $4,399.95.

I find the armor design strange. It is inclined on a negative angle, deflecting incoming rounds down, instead of up and away from the shooter like tank armor. Anyone want to shed some light on the design decision?

Hat Tip: Ammoland

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Gclark94560 Gclark94560 on Jul 03, 2012

    These guns are available from They are built on your kit and good barrel. There is usually a 6 to 9 month wait due to backlog.

  • Erik Erik on Jul 08, 2012

    Does anyone know what happened to "P.M. Goryunov?" I can't find any reference on any site relating to the inventor, except for this gun here. No family, date of death, no history at all.