Very interesting antique shotgun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Being the complete and certified gun nut that I am, few thing excite me more than coming across unique and exotic firearms, the more unique, exotic and arcane the better!

Sucang, a resident of Xinhua, Taiwan, sent me these photos of his antique shotgun. He was hoping some readers of the blog could identify it. I was very excited when I opened the attached photos, I had never seen a rifle or shotgun with an action like it.

The shotgun is 170 cm (67″) in length and weighs 4.5 kg (10 lbs).

The action.

I presume a percussion cap is inserted into the removable breech block (see below), then the striker is pull back to cock the action. Click the photos to expand them.

Load information was been engraved onto the gun in English. Not necessarily when it was first made.


I don’t know what that cartridge-esque thing is.

One striker cocked.

Breech Blocks removed.

Sucang thought it could be from the 1600’s when the Dutch, who were fond of hunting, occupied Taiwan. This is not likely as the 17th century would place it squarely in matchlock territory and the striker design is quite advanced. I suggested mid 19th century. My buddy Mehul, who knows far more about classic firearms that I do, suggested early 20th.

Has anyone seen anything like it before?

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Unclero Unclero on Dec 28, 2009

    When I first looked at this, I tought: hey, that looks like an 'eendenroer' (a dutch style puntgun).

    But when I looked at the bolt mechanism and the engravings, I tought: that could be an Indian 'walbus' (not sure what the english word is, 'castle rifle' would come close) as well..

    My theory would be that it is a khyberpass 'walbus' eventually sold to a Chinese lord to be used in one of the many castles or fortresses at the time. When the government of the Chinese Democratic Republic moved to former Formosa, they simply took the gun along.

  • Ummon Zevenenveertig Ummon Zevenenveertig on May 09, 2011

    It's a dutch gun called an "eendenroer". They were used for duckhunting. The biggest of them were about 4 metres long and could fire 1,5 kilogram buckshot, for shooting a whole swarm of birds. The smaller ones were fired from the shoulder, the bigger ones were mounted on a boat'.