Ultra-Short Inglorious Bastards Movie Review

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I did not like it. The trailer makes the film out to be about Nazi hunting but the “Bastards” seem less interested in finding Nazis than they are in mutilating any German solider they can find.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jean Moulin Jean Moulin on Jan 15, 2010

    While unfortunately not historically accurate, and the heroine did make a tactical error at the end (don't turn him over, double tap him) it was a GREAT movie.

    and what is this talk about "torturing" nazis? they should have been PROUD to have a swastika carved onto their foreheads so they could display their sympathies until they died.

    a great movie with a happy ending.

    any movie that ends with lots of dead germans has a happy ending :-}

    "we ain't in the prisoner takin' business"

  • Mando Mando on Nov 24, 2010

    Some of you guys have strong opinions that cloud your thinking. Tarantino sets the stage by making the audience hate the evil Nazis, then portrays the Americans as good soldiers helping the Jews and Aldo marking a shwastica on the forehead is awesome, since thT Nazi can run but can't hide. It's just an interpretation of how wwII could have gone. And also LTC needs to understand that there was torture and there was illegal shots in wwII but that needed to happen, war is war and USA should never apologize.