Reality TV take note: Carrying a shotgun does not make you a survival expert

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Daily Mail reports:

It promised to stretch reality television to the limit: one man pitting his wits against the Yukon wilderness with just a camera for company.

But hopes for an epic three-month contest between man and nature were dashed when adventurer Ed Wardle failed to go the distance.

Seven weeks after striding out into the rugged forests of western Canada armed with a rifle and a fishing rod, Mr Wardle had to be airlifted back to civilisation suffering from starvation.

This first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the photo was the fact he was using an extended magazine tube on this shotgun. What use is that in the wild? I have no idea. Seems to me like extra weight and one more aftermarket part to break.

Jim Downey has also blogged about it.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Bendoverbackwards boy Bendoverbackwards boy on Sep 23, 2014

    did not do it did not do it did not do it, should be at beginning of show, saves a lot of wasted,yes wasted time, pussy should have stayed and died,wow! what a legacy to leave wow! that i would have enjoyed wasting the time on.

  • Bendoverbackwards boy Bendoverbackwards boy on Sep 23, 2014

    well ,just read a bit of the guff at the top of here,he is called an adventuer ,but he had a lot of delivered take away,the tears were those of the clown he has proven himself to be,did he not do any research first, (to busy with the shrink i think) it is 21st centurary and info is cheap and free mostly, go on you tube and see how its done for real not just for a tv show that failed on so many levels,what idiot thought there was any value of any kind in this pathetic show, but hey, the scenery was outstanding,he got that one thing right.