Why Remington recalled the .17 HMR Model 597

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

If you were wondering why Remington would recall their entire line of .17 HMR Model 597 rifles just take a look at these photos which show a magazine and cases fired from a .17 HMR Model 597. This type of damage was not uncommon!

Cracked Remington 597 magazine

Blown out case head.

Split Case

Thanks to Joe for the photos.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dan Chavre Dan Chavre on Jun 12, 2013

    •I live out in the West and shoot many rounds of the 17 HMR in CZ
    Bolt action rifles. I have had misfires, hang fires split cases, stuck bullets
    etc. from Hornady, Remington and Federal. Most of my pals have had the same
    experience so we contacted the manufacture (CCI). They are all so afraid of lawsuits that they act like we are the first people that have ever had this problem. It really insults our intelligence and makes it hard to carry on a conversation when they are in denial from the start. We know CCI makes all of the17 HMR ammo except for Winchester so we tried CCI but they wanted us to contact the folks that make the brands we were having trouble with (just to kill more time).Hornady was the only company that we felt was willing to deal honestly and in a timely manner with us and we were told by them that there were
    problems with the ammo prior to 2009 (I do not know what month) and we should
    have no more problems with the 17HMR than any other ammo if we get new
    production. We shoot so much that we tend to buy great quantities when we find
    a good price on it. That tends to give us lots of the older ammo which has
    given us our greatest headache I would bet that time would correspond with
    Winchester starting to produce their own 17 HMR ammo also. I do not think there
    is a rifle problem as much as I think there is an ammo problem. I have
    suggested to the companies that they read a book called the “Electra Story”; it
    tells how all of the aircraft manufactures got together when the Electra’s were
    falling out of the sky and fixed the problem. I feel all of the manufactures need
    to get together to fix this problem before some anti-gun lawyer gives them the
    kind of help the industry does not need. I do not think there is or should be a
    problem with the semi-auto rifles if the ammo is fixed. It is a shame Ruger
    stopped making the 10-22Mag. We have several converted to 17 HMR and with a stronger recoil spring and improved bolt buffer they work fine with the new ammo. By the way, Remington wanted to give me a slip worth $10.00 for their 17 HMR ammo if I paid to ship it to them when Wal-Mart sells it for $13.87 plus tax. Remington can go to the devil as far as I am concerned

  • Ben Bingham Ben Bingham on Jun 13, 2013

    Class Action Update. The case is still proceeding, but slowly. We have the first actual hearing and status conference June 19 concerning whether the case should be dismissed as Remington urges.

    If you have emails or correspondence with Remington regarding the recall, i would appreciate it if you could forward them to me show we can show them to the court.

    Thanks to all who have contacted me in the past


    • Brian hill Brian hill on Aug 11, 2013

      @Ben Bingham I have many boxes of remington 17 hmr 17 gr. Still in unopened boxes with split cassings.I thought the cassings were splitting when fired,but soon noticed they were split in the box unfired.