Scot makes 1,500 meter kill in Afghanistan

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

After waiting three days on a roof top with his spotter, Corporal Christopher Reynolds fired on a Taliban drug lord. The 1,500 meter shot is the longest recorded kill in Afghanistan.

But Cpl Reynolds, of Dalgety Bay, in Fife, together with his spotter Lance Corporal David Hatton, worked out different factors such as wind speed and the trajectory of the bullet to hit the target. Musa, who was more than 1,500 metres away, was taken out with a single shot to the chest.

Cpl Reynolds, who has killed 32 Taliban fighters, said: “I was quite proud of that shot. It is the longest recorded kill in Afghanistan. I am going to use that fact as a chat-up line in the pub when I get back home.”

An incredible feat! I wonder if his “chat-up” lines are as deadly on the ladies as his sniper skills are on Taliban.

UPDATE: The UK newspapers are incorrectly stating that it is the longest kill in Afghanistan. I think it should read “the longest British Army kill in Afghanistan”. The longest confirmed kill of all time was made by Canadian Rob Furlong at a distance of 2430 metres in Afghanistan. Thanks to Rob and Eric for the corrections.

Many thanks to Sven for the link.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Sam B Sam B on Nov 06, 2009

    In a few years Hollywood will make a movie about this incident and all the credit will go to an American!!

  • Matt Groom Matt Groom on Nov 06, 2009

    You really think Hollywood is in the business of making America look GOOD? Seriously? Have you been to a movie theater or video store in the past decade? America looks good on it's own. We don't need Hollywood, they need us.