Microstamping not working out so well

    It seems the Cali politicians overestimated the technology in its current form. The Sign On San Diego reports (emphasis mine)

    California Attorney General Jerry Brown has not certified the law, which is required before it can take effect as scheduled on Jan. 1, and his aides could not say when that may happen.

    “The problem I have with this is it can’t be done,” said Kevin Reid, Ruger’s general counsel. “The legislation says it has to work 100 percent of the time and there is nobody, nobody including Todd Lizotte himself, who would say it will always work.”

    I think the last thing the Attorney General wants is for the law challenged in court because compliance is impossible.

    Many firearms companies are struggling to comply with California’s 2006 mandate that all new handgun models include a loaded chamber indicator and a mechanism that prevents firing when a magazine is removed.

    In the more than three years since, just one new semiautomatic model has been approved by the state. Two others are pending, Gasparac said.

    Aside from the Ruger SR-9, no new models of semi-auto handguns have been approved in the past three years! I would be surprised if a month goes by without a new handgun model going on sale in the United States. I remember reading that even cosmetic changes, such as a different finish, to a pistol count as a whole new model that must be certified for sale in the state.

    Learn more about Microstamping at Joe Huffman’s blog.

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    Steve Johnson

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